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Do​ attack​s​ on journalists reflect​ a​ growing intolerance? Should Muslims ​and Hindus be allowed to reform their respective religions​ or do they lack perspective? ​We refuse to discuss ​two years of Modi government on Hafta​. Find out why.​​ Also, is Vedanta sponsoring ​Jaipur Literature Festival in London a problem? ​And what's with this obsession with renaming roads? We discuss it all and a lot more on this episode of NL Hafta. ​Bonus: ​we ​shed ​some light on Subramaniam Swamy’s list of reasons to fire Raghuram Rajan​ and figure out whether Madhu is ‘fully mentally Indian’. ​Double bonus: as always, we​ have a song.

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Produced by Kartik Nijhawan

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