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CNN-IBN's Bhupendra Chaubey on the positive rub-off of Mukesh Ambani buying stake in TV18, the Rahul Gandhi 'beat', Akhilesh Yadav's 'honeymoon' period and whether or not he would accept a Padma award.

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Not talking about movies, here you have Shekhar Kapur’s  take on news media and compromises – social media and censorship. And his views on democracy too. Watch.

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Author of Hello Bastar, Rahul has reported from some of the most fierce conflict zones. He talks about the state of conflict reporting in Indian news, stories from Iraq and more.

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Chitra Subramaniam on the pulls and pressures of working on the Bofors exposé. The importance and limitations of journalists. And why India still doesn’t know the truth about Bofors.

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Tunku Varadarajan, Editor-Newsweek International, speaks to Madhu Trehan on the Newsweek-Daily Beast merger, sloppiness in Indian journalism, being accused of racism, Going Muslim, US’ admirable restraint after 9/11, the Hindu Taliban, Modi, Manmohan Singh and more…

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Kamin Mohammadi has a rare vantage point to talk about the state, gender issues, civil rights, history and Western prejudices. She is an Iranian journalist-cum- travel writer living in UK. She tells us why she chose Iran to be the subject of her latest book. And what she thinks about women and their rights in Iran? Watch.

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NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain speaks to Madhu Trehan about the Ambanis and Birlas investing in media, editorial freedom at NDTV, lecturing the audience at the GQ awards, the media blind-spot while reporting on Dhoble and more.

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Editor of Open Magazine, Manu Joseph speaks to Madhu Trehan on the source of the Radia tapes, how unpleasant it is to expose journalists, why he never called Barkha before the story broke and much more.

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He is a rockstar for college and school going book readers in India, but makes news for his remarks too. In this candid interview, he talks about his recent remarks on Salman Rushdie’s absence from Jaipur Literature Festival, high brow literary custodians, 3 Idiots credit controversy, news media and a lot more.

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There are few who make news while reporting it. Barkha Dutt is one of them. And if she’s here, can controversies be far- Kargil war, 26/ 11 Mumbai siege reporting and of course, the Radia tapes.  Madhu Trehan engages her in this probing interview about all the controversies that have been raining for ‘Barkha’.  And yes, she also talks about all that you want to know from her- the online hate campaign against her, Chaitanaya Kunte’s blog, what Arnab Goswami means for news space in television, her views on paid news, and why TV journos have become our punching bags. Can Barkha take it?

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