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Jeffrey Archer speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri about the Clifton Chronicles, why he’d rather be a storyteller than a writer, how he wrote a million words while in prison, his walk-on part in Bridget Jones’s Diary and spares some advice for novice writers.

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Tavleen Singh speaks to Madhu Trehan on Durbar, why Rajiv Gandhi was bound to make mistakes, Hindi journalism not being in good shape, Indira Gandhi’s illiterate electorate, “Lady Bountiful” a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi, the fallout from writing this book and more…

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Vinod Dua speaks to Madhu Trehan on how his refugee background influenced his work, the deference which was expected from interviewees during the DD era, the similarity between Playboy and a number of Indian TV channels, dealing with censorship, how he refused to say “Good Sahara” and more…

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Tim Sebastian speaks to Madhu Trehan about being expelled from Russia, the difference in working in Doha and in India, “lively” Indian journalism, the need to err on the side of freedom, interviewing Amitabh and Abu Hamza, Tony Blair’s refusal to appear on Hard Talk and more.

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Sachin Kalbag, Executive Editor of Midday, speaks to Madhu Trehan about tabloid journalism and the stories that need to be told, the personality of Midday and its focus on investigative journalism, J Dey, the need to stand up to government bullying and more…

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Ramachandra Guha speaks to Madhu Trehan on his new book, Congress being a “family firm”, Hindutva hate mailers, “spineless” Manmohan Singh, the future of the Gandhis if Shastri hadn’t died, Rahul Gandhi being unfit to lead the Congress and more…

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R Jagannathan, digital don and Editor-in-Chief, Firstpost talks to Madhu Trehan about how the traditional print model is broke and can’t be fixed, the only reason why online media should align with print media, why plagiarism is a crime with a small C, his advice for Kapil Sibal and more.

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Paul Beckett, South Asia Bureau Chief-WSJ and Dow Jones, speaks to Madhu Trehan on whether the “big India” story has turned sour, his familiarity with Indian idioms, stitching together a “community of interest” around India, fall-out of the News of the World trial and whether India deserves better journalism…

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NDTV’s Security and Strategic Affairs editor speaks to Madhu Trehan on half-truths and lies, the “far-fetched” claims made by the Indian Express story, government’s mistrust of the Army Chief and the mess that is the Defence ministry.

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Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari talks to Madhu Trehan on how the CAG report on 2G is “hogwash”, what Nira Radia said about him is also “hogwash”, and how well he sleeps at night with a clear conscience. And more…

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