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An absentee Arnab, Madhu’s doppelgangers, solutions to the Food Security Bill, beard tales, our noisy Pakistani neighbours and more…

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Dr Jeffrey Wigand, tobacco industry whistleblower, speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri about the battle against big tobacco, fraud in tobacco companies, the covert activities undertook before going public and more...

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Dr Ashok Khemka speaks to Madhu Trehan about why he doesn’t like being called a whistle-blower, “covert” threats, his many transfers, Hooda, why the IAS is a “fool’s paradise”, how he got the Robert Vadra lead and more…

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Anand Gandhi speaks on Ship Of Theseus, philosophy, working with Ekta Kapoor, his childhood, his mother’s role in his love for cinema, dropping out of college, why Ship of Theseus was appreciated by audiences and more…

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The wrap of the good, the bad & the funny on this week’s news TV. A very agile Asaram, Karan Thapar, Devil’s Duplicate, why Madhu never criticises Headlines Today, Bharat Nirman-Director’s Cut, Sonia G. And NDTV gets the best brand endorser ever.

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