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This week on NLhafta we discuss the Gurdaspur attack and the media coverage given to it in India and Pakistan. Did the media jump to the ‘Khalistan’ explanation a little too soon?


We move on to discuss APJ Abdul Kalama’s death and the culture of obituary writing in the Indian media. Last we discuss Yakub Memon’s hanging and the border idea of the death penalty. Would doing away with the death sentence affect the crime rate in India? A few of us don’t agree with each other’s views on capital punishment but that’s ok, a healthy debate gives space to new ideas.

Produced by Kartik Nijhawan.

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The Newslaundry team – and it's just us this time - celebrates the silver jubilee episode of #NLHafta. We discuss Yakub Memon's execution and Madhu recounts how she managed to get Memon's interview in prison, back in 1994. Then the team moves on to talk about the social media "outrage" on the Tuktuki case. We also discuss Caravan's report on the Essar leaks and defamation suits against the media in the past week. Finally, we discuss Arvind Kejriwal vs. Najeeb Jung and we also dedicate a song to Kejriwal. 

Produced by Kartik Nijhawan.

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A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. International Yoga Day and the laughaasan, mysterious deaths in the Vyapam scam, arrogance of party spokies, news channels discussing each other, media going gaga over #ShahidKiShaadi and more.
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The former RAW chief speaks to Madhu Trehan about the “psyche” of a Kashmiri, the behind-the-scenes action during the IC-814 hijacking, why he thinks Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is more Indian than Kashmiri, what prompted him to write a book, if he regrets his decision and whether he compromised national security in the process.

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This is NL Hafta Extra – where the team discusses what we couldn’t in the main episode. Mihir Sharma, opinion editor at Business Standard, and the Newslaundry team discuss Amartya Sen’s response to Tavleen Singh and Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s columns about the Nalanda University saga. Then we weigh in on whether N R Narayana Murthy is justified when he says “there has not been a single invention from India in the last 60 years”. And finally, is it okay to eat dog meat?

Produced by Kartik Nijhawan

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Mihir Sharma, opinion editor at Business Standard, joins the Newslaundry team as we speak about Grexit and St. Stephen’s never ending controversies. Here, Mihir recounts an encounter with Stephen’s Principal Valson Thampu as a student in the college. We also discuss whether Shivraj Singh Chauhan should resign in light of the new revelations in the Vyapam scam. Then we talk about Chetan Bhagat’s recent piece on the “anatomy” of an Internet troll even as we try to reach a consensus on the definition of a troll.  


Produced by Kartik Nijhawan

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Journalist Coomi Kapoor on her new book on the Emergency and dealing with her husband being banished to solitary confinement during the period.

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Kushan Mitra, Managing Editor of The Pioneer, joins the Newslaundry team as we speak about the Vyapam scam – and the media coverage surrounding it. We also share some personal stories about risks and threats we have faced during reporting assignments.  Then we discuss whether the media, both traditional and social, has been unfair to Hema Malini, or if she indeed deserves the criticism she has been subjected to over the last few days.  Finally, we talk about the FTII deadlock, Gajendra Singh, and if the media has been unduly charitable to Amartya Sen.

Produced by Kartik Nijhawan

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The Newslaundry team - and we are in full strength this time – discusses Lalit Modi, his love for emojis, and his never ending revelations. Then, we talk about Outlook’s “eye candy” piece and whether it warranted legal action. We also discuss if the hijab can be a “feminist statement” as some have recently claimed in the much talked about Twitter debate initiated by the feminist handle Genderlog.  Finally, the team weighs in on The Hindu’s story about skewed caste representation in Bollywood.

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