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Saurav Datta, senior special correspondent at The Quint, and freelance columnist Rajyasree Sen join us for this episode of NL Hafta. The team discusses Times Now’s National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) debate and whether the NJAC is a bad idea as compared to the collegium system. We, then, go on to discuss “Award Wapsi” and Chetan Bhagat’s recent comment on Twitter pertaining to historians. We also talks about interesting reads that came out in the news media over the last week. The team wraps up with a special dedication to ladies celebrating Karva Chauth.

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Development writer and international negotiations watcher Biraj Swain discusses with Prof Sanjay Reddy of New School of Social Research, New York, Prof John Clammer of UN University, Tokyo, Dipa Sinha of Right to Food Campaign, Nilachala Acharya of Centre of Budget and Governance Accountability and Prof Praveen Jha of Jawaharlal Nehru University, the definition, reasons and nature of renewed energy around universal social protection globally. They take stock of social protection programmes in India, budgetary allocations and weigh in if it is a political or financial question. They also discuss the moral and economic arguments for social protection, and India's track record. And they wrap up with the question if universal social protection will ever be a reality for all the 7 billion of the world and how.

They also listen in to the 80s hit reggae band UB40 which has a social protection connection!


World Food Day and the spotlight is on social protection

Achieving zero hunger: Social protection with pro-poor investment

How UB40 got its name and why social protection for all must become a universal right

Poverty of Sense

Renaming the poverty line

Social protection is the best foundation for development

Social protection: From hand-outs to social justice

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Philadelphia Declaration, 1944

Beveridge Committee Report, 1942

Karl Polanyi's Great Transformation and the Concept of Embedded Economy

The Karachi Convention of Congress, 1931

Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability


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Vipin Pubby, former Resident Editor of the Indian Express in Chandigarh, joins us to shed some light on the desecration of Guru Granth Sahib in Punjab that led to violence in the state; why the mainstream media didn't pay much attention to it; and how the Punjab government has handled the situation. We then discuss whether Newslaundry should carry articles under pseudonyms. We then move on to discussing the pros and cons of basing outcomes of complex social and political issues on data alone. Finally other interesting stories that we read/watched/heard in the last one week.

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In this special segment, Akshaya Mukul, journalist with The Times of India and author of thebook Gita Press and The Making of Hindu India joins the Newslaundry team discuss to discuss the etymological history of “Hinduvta”. Also, how similar are Hinduism and Hinduvta? Mukul shares some insights on why the cow and women are integral to the idea of Hinduvta.  Additionally: the role of the Gita Press in propagating Hinduvta. 


For reference:

  1. Supreme Court’s seven-judge bench to revisit Hindutva judgement
  2. Etymological history of “Hinduvta” through Google tool.
  3. Hindutva is different from Hinduism.
  4. Bombay High Court judgement on NSE vs Moneylife.

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Akshaya Mukul, journalist with The Times of India and author of the book Gita Press and The Making of Hindu India joins us to talk about his book and how he went about researching for it. Then we talk about writers returning their Sahitya Akademi awards and the politics behind it. Then, has India indeed become more intolerant under the new regime? Finally, the song of the week: this time it is dedicated to the nation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For Reference:

  1. Aman Sethi’s review of Akshaya Mukul’s book Gita Press and The Making of a Hindu India: Engineers of the Hindu Soul
  2. Aakar Patel’s review of Gita Press and The Making of a Hindu India: How wrong can right be
  3. Article that Abhinandan mentioned: The white man in that photo
  4. R Jagannathan’s piece in Firstpost: Unaware of his identity until now? Naseeruddin Shah does protest a bit much
  5. Rupa Subramanya’s piece published on Newslaundry: Think India has become more communal under Modi? The numbers will disappoint you
  6. Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s piece in The Indian Express: Shiv Sena wants to openly acknowledge that criminality and democracy have been fused
  7. Aatish Taseer’s piece in NYT: India’s Great Educational Divide
  8. Radio Open Source podcast on maleness being a disease: Demonic Males
  9. Radio Lab podcast on Candid Camera and Allen Funt: Smile My Ass
  10. The New York Times: Modern Love Series
  11. Amit Shah’s interview with Rahul Kanwal.
  12. Indian Malala’s story in Hindustan Times: Jharkhand Maoists kill 20-year-old girl who chose school over guns

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Development writer and international negotiations watcher Biraj Swain discusses with Samir Saran of Observer Research Foundation, Bidisha Pillai of SAVE the Children India, Amitabh Behar of National Foundation of India and Mukul Sanwal, career bureaucrat and India's chief climate negotiator at 1992 Rio the recently concluded United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit which were gavelled in New York in the last week of September. They discuss the goals themselves and what they hold for us and our future and our children’s future. The panelists pick their favourite ones. They discuss India’s pitch and participation, and if the over-presence of private sector, is that making the global public good, the UN, a compromised entity. The close by discussing the road ahead for SDGs in India, for Indians. 
They also listen in from one of India's youth delegate at the UN, Anoyara Khatun, on her aspirations and expectations from India and world leaders.
Produced by Kartik Nijhawan
The readings:
Sustainable Development Goals, final outcome document
Fit for whose purpose: Private funding and corporate influence on the United Nations
The World's search for sustainable development: A Perspective from the global South
The Reality of Social Rights Enforcement
The Global Goals
A Note on the Optimal Supply of Public Goods and the Distortionary Cost of Taxation
Indian teenager Anoyara Khatun joins Bill and Melinda Gates to combat child trafficking


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Sachin Kalbag, former editor of Mid Day and currently working on launching The Hindus’s Mumbai edition, joins us for this episode of NL Hafta. Kalbag tells us his plans to customise the newspaper to cater to Mubai’s voracious appetite for “entertainment” and yet stay true to The Hindu’s core values of good journalism. We also debate whether Svetlana Alexievich, the first person to be awarded the Nobel for literature, got the award for her body of work or for her politics.  Then we discuss why politicians would never say anything that would antagonize their core support base. Also: the never-ending Delhi versus Mumbai debate, spokespersons going against their party positions and more.


Rajyasree Sen’s column in The Economic Times:

Mayank Jain’s account of being detained by Delhi Police:

Mohan Guruswamy’s piece on Asaduddin Owaisi:

Khurshid Kasuri’s interview with Karan Thapar:

Khurshid Kasuri’s book launch moderated by Nidhi Razdan

Mid Day being the first Indian publication to publish a gay matrimonial ad:

Newslaundry story on Mid Day rejecting a gay matrimonial ad:

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This week on NL Hafta we discuss the Dadri incident in UP where a man was beaten to death following rumors of him consuming beef. We discuss whether such crimes have become more brazen under the current government. Then we talk about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America, his meeting with CEOs and his Facebook town hall. Then the team moves on to discuss Is it really as bad an idea as it is made out to be? Finally, on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, we discuss the man and his ideals, and dedicate a special song to him.

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