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Development writer and international-negotiations watcher Biraj Swain talks to Leena Meghaney of Medicines Sans Frontiers, Pradeep S Mehta of Consumer Unity Trust Society, political commentator and trade analyst Devinder Sharma and Professor Sachin Chaturvedi of Research and Information Systems for Developing countries of Ministry of External Affairs, government of India, about the upcoming 10th Ministerial of World Trade Orgnisation (WTO) at Nairobi, Kenya. They discuss the agenda on the table, do a status check on the Doha round of trade talks, the Bali Ministerial and India’s pitch and participation, especially the stake for Indian and developing countries’ farmers. They also discuss the secrecy around trade negotiations and the need for parliamentary oversight and sunshine, and conclude with some crystal-ball gazing on the expectations from Nairobi.

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R Jagannathan, former Editor-in-Chief at Firstpost, joins us this week as we discuss Aamir Khan’s statements at the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and the media coverage they received. We also talk about people boycotting Snapdeal to protest against Khan’s views. We, then, discuss Smriti Irani’s latest interview to Barkha Dutt.

Jagannathan also opens up about his tenure at Firstpost and tells us why his piece criticising Arun Jaitely was pulled down from the website.

The team also discusses reporting on ISIS and why news organisations around the world are calling it “Daesh”. And, finally, a special song dedicated to Peter Mukerjea and Pahlaj Nihalani.

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In this episode of NL Hafta, Prasanna Viswanathan, CEO, Sawrajya magazine joins us as we discuss the legacy of the magazine, Swatantra Party and C Rajagopalachari. Then the team moves on to discuss the Paris attack and how the Indian media covered it. Also, did Pahlaj Nihalani end up embarrassing Narendra Modi with his tribute song? Also: Mani Shankar Aiyar’s “solution” to resume bilateral talks between India and Pakistan. Finally, we discuss Subramanian Swamy’s allegations about Rahul Gandhi’s nationality. We end by dedicating a song from Modi to Amit Shah.

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In this episode of NL Hafta, we talk about Bihar election results and how most TV news channels got it wrong. Then we move on to talk about sections of the Sikh community boycotting Diwali to protest against the desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib and the scant media coverage this received. The team also discusses the Australian government’s decision to scrap religion classes in schools. We conclude the podcast with a discussion on Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani’s letter addressed to the party’s current leadership after the Bihar poll debacle. We also dedicate a special song to the party patriarch and BJP’s old guard.

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A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. Season of award wapsi, Barkha’s facepalm moment, clash of the titans on Times Now, real news vs satire, Times Now sets a new record, Sambit’s subtleness. Also: Madhu performs some rap!

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Development writer and international negotiations watcher Biraj Swain discusses with D Raghunandan from Centre for Science, Technology and Development, Vijeta Rattani, Senior Researcher at Centre for Science and Environment, Ben Phillips of ActionAid International and Nitin Sethi of Business Standard the Bonn Climate Talks, the upcoming climate summit, COP 21 at Paris, the developed countries’ role thus far, climate justice and inequality, India's pitch and participation, and if Indian NGOs were aping European national positions? They also discuss if there is a disconnect between India's global role vis-a-vis intra-country role. And they analyse the newly-released report, Capitan America, US's Climate Goals: A reckoning and do some crystal ball gazing of the COP 21 outcomes.

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Shivam Vij joins us on the phone from Bihar as we discuss election coverage. Vij sheds light on the current mahaul in Patna and how it may affect the results. The team discusses the various connotations of ‘tolerance’ and why it’s so important. We then discuss why the media treats  Amit Shah with kid gloves. It’s No Shave November and we discuss how this beard fascination has manifested in the media. We then go on to discuss what we particularly liked or disliked in the media. Finally, a song dedicated to Movember.

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