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Mukul Kesavan, professor of Social History at Jamia Millia Islamia University and columnist, joins us for this week’s episode of NL Hafta. The team discusses Smriti Irani’s speech in Parliament, the continuing media coverage of the JNU row and the India Today sting on the group of lawyers who beat up Kanhaiya Kumar in police custody. The team then discusses The Telegraph’s “Aunty National” headline – was it sexist? Things get heated as ideological differences are brought up and the government’s handling of the JNU incident is critiqued.

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This week on NL Hafta, the team discusses Aam Aadmi Party’s recent ad campaign. Should governments be spending money on ads? We also talk about the JNU row and the media coverage on it. Then we talk about nationalism and Anand Ranganathan makes the distinction between a patriot and a nationalist.

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This week on NL Hafta, the NL team with Naresh Fernandes and Malini Subramaniam from Scroll discuss the recent attack on Malini’s house in Bastar. The question of suppressing dissent comes up once again as we see a journalist being attacked for doing her job and students at JNU being charged with sedition. David Headley’s deposition, Pachauri being re-instated in TERI and then going on leave, scientific breakthrough in theories about gravitational waves and Lance Naik Hanamanthappa’s ordeal, the news has given us a lot to talk about.

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This week on NL Hafta, Vikas Kamal, a photojournalist with Catch News, joins us. Vikas was attacked by the Delhi police when he was covering students protesting Rohith Vemula’s death outside the RSS headquarters. We discuss the incident and police brutality in general. We also talk about the importance of a photojournalist in today’s age of the ‘smartphone’.

Anand Ranganathan is back! He gives us a scientist’s lowdown on the zika virus and we discuss the kind of coverage the outbreak has been getting in Indian and international media. We also discuss the Tanzanian student being harassed in Bangalore and question India’s attitudes. The team talks about Anupam Kher’s visa denial and the fact that some celebrities are wearing their politics on their sleeve.

In closing, we dedicate a song to the Delhi Police.


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