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Since the first episode of Chase - Newslaundry’s documentary series in association with ScoopWhoop - has come out, ​Manisha Pande talks to us about her experience of exploring demonic possessions in India. Trump’s Indian fans hold a hawan ceremony for him. Trupti​ Desai enters Haji Ali,​ but doesn't reach the sanctum sanctorum. Why is​ The Indian Express not talking about how photojournalist Ravi Kanojia died? Should news organizations have better measure to avoid these accidents? And Adi Godrej has ​spoken out against government policies​. Here's why this​ is a big deal.​ We also ponder on the question of prohibitions and if they're MK Gandhi's fault. Should prohibitions be removed from Constitution? Why has the national media ignored the dynasty politics inside DMK? Who got it wrong in Kerala: ​Modi or Media or both? We discuss all this​ and a lot more. 

​Bonus: we're reading out mail from Hafta listeners, so leave us a comment and yours might be the one we read out in the next Hafta. Also, don't miss the song we've​dedicated to Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar.​

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