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From arty films on urban life to lesbians in Indian cinema and Karan Johar’s new film, there’s a lot that Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen have on their minds this week. Listen up as Pal offers an explanation for why Aishwarya Rai Bachchan chose Jazbaa (and not ADHM) as her comeback film. Sen takes you through two new web series, The ‘Other’ Love Story and Tripling. There’s also their review of Island City by Ruchika Oberoi, which won an award and acclaim at last year’s Venice Film Festival and is releasing this Friday. And you know you want to hear what they’ve got to say about Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.

Up your pop culture game with a little help from these two critics. And as always, there’s a question at the end of the podcast. Send us your answers and comments to

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Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi 's opinion that paternity leave will just be a 'holiday' for men brought out unexpected sides to all our panellists, particularly Anand Ranganathan . We discuss OP Jaisha 's Rio experience and how Big Media made primetime pantomime out of it. Over in France , the police's crackdown on burkinis has everyone up in arms . Madhu Trehan raises the most important question surrounding the Scorpene submarine leaks . Did the recent JNU rape case get less media attention because the accused belongs to the Left?.And oh, we had an interesting five-page letter by a listener (but don't worry, we didn't read the entire letter out). All this and more, with Abhinandan Sekhri, Deepanjana Pal, Manisha Pande and the rest of our panel. Listen up!


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In this week’s episode, Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen discuss Chetan Bhagat’s #BeatPeBooty dance, his new novel, One Indian Girl & we even read out some parts from the book. Rohit Shetty directed Return of Ranveer Ching ad & Anouk’s Bold is Beautiful ad both leave us with one question - what on earth was going on? Spending so much money on celebrities and production value and still not making any sense? We tell you how ad campaigns by beauty products are getting the basic idea of feminism wrong, and look! Indian Indie singer Nischay Parikh is on Billboard. Oh also, there’s a quiz question at the end to help you keep up your pop culture game. Write to us at with your answers and comments.

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The PMO deleted tweets, which was new, and the PM brought up Balochistan in his Independence Day Speech, which was not new. The Amnesty issue escalated as did Arnab's temper on Newshour. Meanwhile, athletes like Sakshi Malik shone despite the gloom and doom that is sports infrastructure in India. Consulting editor, Anand Ranganathan unleashed his philosophical side about death. Madhu Trehan, Abhinandan Sekhri Deepanjana Pal & Manisha Pande stayed down-to-earth while discussing discuss Olympics, Patanjali, and American athletes getting mugged. Bonus: one of the coolest fan mails Hafta has received. Don't miss the song dedicated to listener Vikas Thakur.


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Did your last week go by watching uber patriotic videos that made your chest swell up to 56-inch with pride and nationalism and drove you out on the streets to celebrate the Independence Day? No, right? It went pretty much the same for Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen. In this episode, listen to them talk about the videos which did the rounds on the internet giving the occasion of Independence Day their own zing- the funny Kangana Ranaut starring 'Love Your Country' music video, a colonially hungover sketch by All India Bakchod and how can we forego Kangana playing Goddess Lakshmi in a Swachh Bharat campaign video. They also discuss Akshay Kumar-starrer Rustom, the trailer of the upcoming Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Pink, the rubber crocodile in Mohenjo Daro and the new snazzy trailer Ranveer Ching Returns among other things. And oh, we have a cool quiz for you in the end as well. Do write to us at with your answers and comments.

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Is it now Modiji vs the gau rakshaks? Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his silence and came down heavily against the increasing violent attacks by gau rakshaks . But did he answer the question raised in the last episode of NL Hafta — should the fringe be taken seriously? Why are the TV news channels not paying any heed to #ChaloUna, the Dalit march that's taking place right now in solidarity with those who were attacked by gau rakshaks a few weeks ago? Consulting editor, Anand Ranganathan goes to the roots of cow protection vigilantism. Abhinandan Sekhri along with Madhu Trehan, Deepanjana Pal & Manisha Pande discuss The Indian Express report on Ranbaxy judgment by Singapore tribunal, as well as prohibition law in Bihar. And the most important question this week: why did Irom Sharmila’s own people refused to accept after she broke her 16-year long fast? Plus, don't miss the song dedicated to Modiji from gau rakshaks.

Produced by Kartik Nijhawan.

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In this week’s episode, Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen jump on the bandwagon to discuss what the world cannot stop talking about- Olympics! Dipa Karmakar wins hearts and prayers while American athletes set camp on a ship. Freaky Ali promises to educate Bollywood about golf while The Great Indian Penis Survey hits below the belt (see what we did there?) with enlightening and amusing results. Oh also, there’s a quiz question at the end to help you keep up your pop culture game.Write to us at with your answers and comments.



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The Great Indian Penis Survey

Scoopwhoop and NewsLaundry

The Indian Express report

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Our two consulting editors, Anand Ranganathan and Kishalay Bhattacharjee, join the Hafta panel this week. In Delhi, the big question is, where does the AAP-led government stand after Delhi High Court rooted for Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung over Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal? Madhu Trehan has some provocative ideas about rape, when she points to sexual frustration as its source. Should the fringe be taken seriously? What happened in Kokrajhar, Assam, where the security forces opened fire in the middle of a market area in broad daylight? Hear Anand’s take on Outlook’s cover story on ‘Operation Beti Uthao’. There’s all this and more as Madhu, Anand, Kishalay along with Manisha Pande, Deepanjana Pal & Abhinandan Sekhri discuss this week’s hot topics. Bonus: A song dedicated to Kejriwal, on behalf of Jung. 

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It’s the only podcast that goes fearlessly from arty Death in the Gunj to pulpy Mamta Kulkarni. Listen up as Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen talk about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the newly-launched TV channel FYI, cheer for the new Ghostbusters, salute Mamta Kulkarni, analyse the furore over Melania Trump’s photos in New York Post. Plus, there’s a quiz question at the end. Write to us at with your answers and comments.

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