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Samar Khan and Rahul Puri are back with their weekly round up of sports.This week, they talk about how overconfidence killed the Indian team in the Pune Test and how that could be their Achilles heel going forward. Khan even goes on to make a bold prediction of the final score. Puri and Khan give their take on the unceremonious sacking of Claudio Ranieri and discuss whether Manchester United has turned a corner with their victory in the League Cup final.

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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So, here’s a little sneak peek into what was discussed on this episode. We talk about ABVP’s clash with AISA students at Ramjas College, PM Narendra Modi’s kabristan vs shamshan remark and Shobha De’s attempt to troll the Mumbai police. All this and a lot more.


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The Union Budget was announced this week and we discuss some key highlights of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s speech. The regular Hafta gang, that is Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan, Anand Ranganathan, Deepanjana Pal and Manisha Pande are joined by journalist Vivek Kaul who tells us if this Budget is different from the previous ones. The team also discusses US President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, the Rs 2,000 cap on cash donations to political parties, the Samajwadi Party and the Congress alliance and the attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali. A little into the podcast, Ranga Uncle and Sekhri digress and disagree on the idea of “whataboutery”: is it intellectually lazy or stimulating to indulge in it?

All this and a lot more discussed and dissected on this episode. Listen up!

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It’s a very special episode this week because Jerry Pinto joins Rajyasree Sen and Deepanjana Pal, all the way from America. Pinto has written a new novel, Murder in Mahim. Set in Mumbai, the novel begins with a dead body that’s found in a local train station toilet. As the bodies pile up, it falls upon retired journalist Peter Fernandes and Mumbai cop Shiv Jende to figure out who is responsible for this killing spree. While unspooling this crime, Pinto takes the reader on a walk through Mumbai’s gay subculture, which is forced to lurk in the shadows because of Section 377. Sen and Pal also talk about Riverdale, a new show based on theArchie’s comics. And of course, our resident culture vultures have a lot to say about Kangana Ranaut on Koffee with Karan. Listen up

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Samar Khan and Rahul Puri are back with their weekly round up of all things sporty. This week, they talk about Indian Premier League auctions and the crazy amounts of money being spent on 'buying' cricketers. Speaking of cricket, Shahid Afridi has announced his retirement again. Does he meant it or will he do another U-turn? Meanwhile, in the world of football, Barcelona seems to be struggling after losing some good players. Its performance on the field has been going from bad to worse, lament Khan and Puri. And finally, the Australian cricket team is here in India for a Test series. Can they stand up to the Indians on our home grounds? Listen up.

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Have you read the NL Sena stories? Now find out what went into writing these stories.

Last year, we started the NL Sena initiative, where you, our readers and subscribers, help us to do stories that are important, expensive and deserve to be told. The first NL Sena project was titled The Curious Case of the Bellary Brothers, and was born out of our curiosity to know more about the secrets that lurked in the suicide note that a Karnataka bureaucrat's driver left behind. That story led us to Bellary, where we found new players had entered the mining arena.

In Session with Sena, those who made these stories possible with their generous contributions interact with Shruti Menon and Kshitij Malhotra, the two reporters who wrote this set of stories. They have questions and critique for Menon and Malhotra.

Newslaundry would like to thank all NL Sena contributors for their support, which helped us publish five ground reports from Bengaluru and Bellary. Also, those who missed out on contributing last time (or couldn't be bothered!), we hope our efforts will persuade you to fund our two new projects and help keep news unafraid and independent.

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Five states are gearing up for legislative assembly elections next month, including Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Goa. Hartosh Singh Bal, political editor of The Caravan, joins us on this episode to talk about the ground situation in Punjab, while. Kishalay Bhattacharjee, consulting editor of Newslaundry, tells us about Manipur elections. Along with Bal and Bhattacharjee, we have Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan, Anand Ranganathan and Manisha Pande on the panel this week to discuss attack on Bela Bhatia’s house in Chhattisgarh, Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance in UP and Shah Rukh Khan’s piece in The Indian Express. All this and a lot more discussed and dissected on this episode. Listen up!

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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So, here’s a little sneak peek into what was discussed on this episode. Neha Dixit joined us and we talked about Uttar Pradesh elections, Narendra Modi taking digs at media, Sagarika Ghose's attempt at humour, and lots more.

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This week, Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen have everything from books to award shows on their mind. Find out what they thought of Adele, James Corden and Beyonce's performances at the Grammys. Sen has a crush on Stephen Fry and she might just be turning into a fan of Akshay Kumar after watching Jolly LLB 2. They discuss a bunch of ads, including with Patanjali's ad for a new range of beauty products and Tata Tea's new Jaago Re campaign. Sen and Pal also have for you a quick review of Jerry Pinto's new novel Murder in Mahim. Finally, hear what they have to say about Gurdas Mann's new song, Punjab. All this and more, discussed and dissected in this episode of The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap.

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Let's Talk About... has gone behind the paywall, but because we love our listeners, here's a sneak peak into the second part of our deep dive into the Kashmir conundrum. This time, we look at the issue of protests and how they're quelled in one of the most turbulent parts of India. We speak to historians, military men who have served in Kashmir, Kashmiri refugees, journalists who have covered the insurgency, and activists who have raised their voices against human rights violations. Aided by their insights, we try to understand what azadi means for Kashmiris, the pellet gun problem, and if there is a solution that will end one of the longest-running insurgencies in the world.


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