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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So, here’s a little sneak peak of the episode where we discuss the case of The Quint journalist Poonam Agarwal being booked under the Official Secrets Act, UP's Anti-Romeo Squads, the finance bill & lots more.


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Last week, two 'lady-oriended' movies, to quote the Central Board of Certification, were released and of course our two culture vultures have a lot to say about both of them. Rajyasree Sen was surprised to find she really enjoyed Anuskha Sharma's new film with Diljit Dosanjh, Phillauri. Deepanjana Pal has a few bubbles to burst as far as Swara Bhaskara's Anaarkali Of Aarah is concerned. Yet, for all its flaws, it warms the cockles of Pal's feminist heart. Find out what Sen and Pal think of Durex's new product, Durex Jeans, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale and a lot more on this episode of Awful & Awesome Entertainment Wrap.

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Despite India's win in the four-match India vs Australia Test series, Virat Kohli's behaviour is all that anyone can focus on. Lionel Messi gets banned for four games and Argentina struggle without him. Is this the year that Ferrari makes a Formula One comeback? Rahul Puri and Samar Khan discuss all this and more on #JustSports


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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So, here’s a little sneak peak to the complete episode where we discuss the 17 amendments to the finance bill, Yogi Adityanath’s elevation to the post of Uttar Pradesh chief minister & lots more.

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This week, there are beasts and heroes popping up all over the world of pop culture. The new version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is raking in the moolah across the world. Find out what Deepanjana Pal and Rajyasree Sen thought of the retelling of this beloved fairy tale. Hint: they're not very impressed with Belle. However, they've got a lot enthusiasm for the leading ladies of Feud and Big LIttle Lies. As far as Aparna Sen's new film Sonata is concerned, they're a tad bit dubious. Find out why. Sen and Pal also discuss Chetan Bhagat's new plan to become India's Elon Musk and develop an electric car. There's scandal in Bollywood with Nawazuddin Siddiqui taking on Filmfare, a Times of India publication, and asking for an apology because the magazine claims his marriage is on the rocks. Sen is very excited about Spirited Traveller, a new cooking show anchored by chef Kiran Jethwa. All this and more, discussed and dissected in this episode of The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap. 

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Samar Khan and Rahul Puri are back with their weekly round-up of sports. This week they discuss Australia's performance in the third Test against India at Ranchi. The two also had advice for Indian captain Virat Kohli. Moving on to football, they talk about the Champions Leagues' clash between Zinedine Zidane and Carlo Ancelotti. Khan and Puri laud Roger Federer for winning his fifth Indian Wells title against Stan Wawrinka. Listen up.

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Economist Arun Kumar talks to Abhinandan Sekhri about his book, Understanding The Black Economy And Black Money in India. Kumar explains why demonetisation did not have a compelling effect on the growth, how black money is calculated, and how movements can bring change in India.

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Abhinandan Sekhri speaks to Dr Vishal Rao, a Bangalore-based oncologist, who has developed a voice prosthesis called Aum that can help throat cancer patients speak after surgery. And unlike the expensive ones available in the market today, this device will cost Rs. 50.

The two also discuss the obstacles facing healthcare in India and what it costs to solve the healthcare needs of a country.

Read the full article here:

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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So, here’s a little sneak peak into the episode in which we discussed the recent assembly election results, Bharatiya Janata Party’s clean sweep in Uttar Pradesh elections, sexual harassment allegations against The Viral Fever’s Arunabh Kumar and more of the week's news.

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Let's Talk About... has gone behind the paywall, but because we love our listeners, here's a sneak peak into the latest episode. Here's Let's Talk About: Privacy.

Privacy -- is it a personal or a policy issue? The dictionary defines privacy as a state in which one is free of attention and today, that state is harder and harder to achieve. Our privacy is often being invaded without us even realising it and many shrug at this fate. "What do I have to hide?" is the standard response to privacy being lost but the real question is "Why is your privacy so precious to others?" With the data collected by the Unique Identity project, aka Aadhaar, surfacing in unexpected, unauthorised places, you must know what your rights are and how the government helps you uphold them (or not). In this episode of Let's Talk About, Meghnad S, a public policy nerd and compulsive Lok Sabha TV watcher, speaks to lawyers, journalists, researchers, and businessmen to figure out what privacy is in the digital age and whether Aadhaar really is the way forward.

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