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Paul Beckett, South Asia Bureau Chief-WSJ and Dow Jones, speaks to Madhu Trehan on whether the “big India” story has turned sour, his familiarity with Indian idioms, stitching together a “community of interest” around India, fall-out of the News of the World trial and whether India deserves better journalism…

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NDTV’s Security and Strategic Affairs editor speaks to Madhu Trehan on half-truths and lies, the “far-fetched” claims made by the Indian Express story, government’s mistrust of the Army Chief and the mess that is the Defence ministry.

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Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari talks to Madhu Trehan on how the CAG report on 2G is “hogwash”, what Nira Radia said about him is also “hogwash”, and how well he sleeps at night with a clear conscience. And more…

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Jonathan Shainin, Senior Editor at Caravan, speaks to Madhu Trehan on coming to India, how “he’s not an Indian, but an Indian journalist”, using the journalistic “bullshit meter”, his twitter skirmish with Suhel Seth, Arindam Chaudhuri and the Streisand effect, and making Caravan relevant.

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Carol Andrade, Editor - Afternoon Despatch & Courier talks to Madhu Trehan about a time when The Times Of India was the best newspaper in the country, the paid content revolution in India, what journalism was and what it’s become, the Despatch’s RTI Page and more…

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François Gautier speaks to Madhu Trehan on his love for Indian spirituality, the need for a militant Hindutva, how the people of Gujarat should be on trial and not Modi, the need for a nationalist leader who’s not scared to go to war and more.

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From literary impulses as a novelist to investigative adventurism as an undercover journalist, Aniruddha Bahal has covered quite a distance. The man behind the Tehelka defence expose talks about sting operations, bearing the brunt of legal cases, the weird ways of state persecution, the ills of news media today and reasons for hoping better days.

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We try to agree with a disagreeable Tavleen Singh as she talks about news media, crony capitalism, NGOs, full disclosure and disdain worthy left leanings of the anchor. She throws up a Hindi challenge too. How? Watch.

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NDTV’s Ravish speaks to Madhu Trehan about “Lutyen’s journalism” and how the government prefers speaking to the English media, social media’s role in empowering women, the PMO’s twitter account, the response to media coverage of Bal Thackeray’s death, and more…

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HT Political Editor Vinod Sharma goes from beatific to belligerent while talking about his Centrist position, why he celebrated Vajpayee, being “separated at birth”, the Singhvi CD & chastity belts, and whether he’d ever accept a Rajya Sabha nomination.

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